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BUSINESS 05: e-mail (test)

Vydáno dne 15.12.2009

Vyzkoušejte si, jestli umíte doplnit vzorový email správnými slovíčky, hlavně pak spojkami.

Course Map (mapa kurzu)

Unit 05: EMAIL (test)

Vyberte z možností tu, která se do emailu hodí nejlépe.

Pokud si nejste jisti, pátou lekci obchodní angličtiny, ve které se rozebírá psaní emailu,
ZDE pak najdete část, ve které se věnujeme užitečným spojkám.

Dear Mr Hanson,

We have been a client of yours for five years without any major problems. we were naturally very disappointed with the delivery we received from you this morning. I would like to to the following problems we encountered.

, your freight delivered the crates to our office in Narrow Street our explicit instructions in the order to deliver the goods to our headquarters in Wide Street this time. I had called Ms White to make sure that you knew about the changes and I was that you had informed the driver  .

, when I checked the contents of the crates against the packing list, I discovered that two items were missing. I do realize that such mistakes can happen. I was shocked, , to discover that thirty supplied items had completely different specifications to those in our order.

I am aware that this sort of thing has never happened before, but I must point out that these discrepancies are causing us with our production line.

, I have called your customer service department three times this morning, but there was only an answering machine. I am informing you about this urgent matter by email and that you find an immediate solution.

I would also if you could a credible explanation as to how such a thing might have happened.

you contact us today and rectify all the mistakes, we are prepared to all our agreements this is considered a serious breach of the contract.

Yours sincerely,

David Brown
Purchasing Manager

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