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WINE (test)

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Otestujte si znalosti slovní zásoby spojené s vínem.

Pokud váháte, přečtěte si více v článku 'Víno' není pouze WINE.

  1. Wine with carbon dioxide is called ________ wine. It's usually white or rosé. People often call it ‘champagne’ even though it doesn't come from Champagne region of France.

  2. Wine that is made from berries that were all or mostly grown in a particular year (and labelled as such) is called ________ wine. It is usually more expensive than regular wine.

  3. One of the reasons you would return a bottle of wine at a restaurant is its bad taste caused by the cork that has been used to seal the bottle. The wine is then ________.

  4. It isn't very practical to try and close an open bottle with its original cork. That's why you can buy countless number of different ________ for this purpose.

  5. The best place to store wine is a ________, where you can keep wine in bottles or barrels.

  6. A sour liquid usually made from wine that is used to improve the taste of food is ________. There are many varieties.

  7. Chardonnay, Merlot or Savignon are some of the best-known wine types. Instead of ‘wine type’ you can also use ‘wine ________’.

  8. A plant with long thin stems that bears round berries necessary to produce wine is a ________.

  9. Wine or champagne is usually made from small berries of white or blue colour called ________.

  10. A piece of land, usually quite large, that is used to grow plants that give fruits crucial for wine production is a ________.

  11. A glass of champagne can be informally called a glass of ________.

  12. When you mix soda water and usually white wine you get a very popular drink called a ________.

  13. When you order a bottle of champagne in a good restaurant, the waiter will bring the wine in ________.

  14. A tool that is used to open a wine bottle is a ________.

  15. At a wedding, for example, when you raise a glass of wine or champagne to give a speech to the newlyweds, you propose a ________.

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