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Cloze: Vampires and Superstars

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Do textu o dvou seriálech televizní stanice HBO doplníte chybějící slova.

Přečtete si text o a do každé mezery doplňte jedno (jediné) slovo, které se tam nejlépe hodí.

Rise of the HBO Shows:

Vampires and Superstars

With the advent of satellite TV, more and viewers have been tuning into the lives the supernatural and the fabulous with True Blood and Entourage. These series have been gaining increasing popularity young adults seeking to escape into the realm of vampires and the mansions of superstars.

True Blood, a TV series on the novels The Southern Vampire Mysteries, follows the co-existence of humans, vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters and supernatural beings in Bon Temps, Louisiana. With the arrival of True Blood, a synthetic, artificial substitute human blood, vampires are now able to “come of the coffin,” and co-exist with their living counterparts. The show follows series of murders arise in small town and the interactions between the humans and the vampires. The plot, raw characters, and underlying political and social messages this a creative and smart show.

Entourage is another HBO show that loosely follows the life of Mark Wahlberg and experiences as a rising star. documents the acting career of Vincent Chase, a young film star and his childhood friends from Queens, New York City as they live a fast in Hollywood. It is a comedy that captures the adventures and trials of a group of friends, resonating with young adults. It also a look into the high life, a life of glamour, of fame, money, friendship, and women, a fantasy of young man. the lives of Chase and his friends, viewers can experience this glamorous lifestyle, even for just an every week. , it offers an to the Sex and the City and The Hills for young men.

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