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Days, Months and Seasons Trivia

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Anglické názvy dní, měsíců a období… trochu jinak.

Complete the following sentences with the English names of days (Monday...), months (January...) and seasons (winter....). Some words can be used more than once.

1. Which month is also an English modal verb? –

2. Which day of the week is named after the Norse god Thor? – 

3. The first day of the week, according to the Christian, Hebrew and Islamic calendars, is  .

4. Which season of the year is also a woman's name? – 

5. The fourth of which month is an important day in the USA? – 

6. Everybody knows William Shakespeare. Many people also know two of his plays: The 's Tale and A Mid Night's Dream.

7. The season that comes before winter is called in British English and in American English.

8. The start of the Wall Street Crash in 1929 is also known as the Black  .

9. The British band THE CURE is especially known for their song in which you can hear the names of all the days of the week. What is the song called? – I'M IN LOVE.

10. Which month is also a woman's name? –

11. There is a book by Tom Clancy (also made into a movie starring Sean Connery) about a Russian submarine. What is the submarine called? – RED  .

12. The famous singer AVRIL LAVIGNE's first name is actually the French word for which month? – 

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