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Autumn test (pre-intermediate)

PRE-INTERMEDIATE Vydáno dne 28.10.2014

Krátké podzimní procvičení vybraných gramatických jevů pro úroveň Pre-intermediate.

  1. “Terrible weather, don't you think?” he ________ me, looking out of the window.
  2. “Wash your hands before ________ you eat!” my mum said when I came from the garden, dirty.
  3. I ________ met her some 20 years ago. I remember it like today: Indian summer, the nights were quite warm…
  4. Can you pick some apples if you ________ some apple trees on your way home? I will make you a pie.
  5. “You'd better ________ the kite near the power line!” my father always warned me.
  6. Everything she said about chestnuts was ________ than anything I had heard before.
  7. Do you remember? Sometime last November I found that small teddy in my office. No one wanted it so I gave it ________ .
  8. A: The leaves were not colourful enough, so I used a bit of paint.
    B: ________ ??
    A: Really, they looked much better then!

  9. When I entered the club, there was no one but one ________ man at the bar, holding a copy of Verlaine's “Autumn Song” in his hand. I didn't want to wake him up, so I just took the poem and let him sleep.

  10. They served us some delicious pumpkin soup. Some of the ________ said they wouldn't have believed anything cooked of pumpkin can be so good!

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