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Food idioms (test 1)

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Otestujte si své znalosti idiomů obsahujících jídlo.

  1. It's a very confidential document, so please don't ________ about it to your colleagues.

  2. Sorry, but your husband is such a ________. All he does is watch TV. He never even helps you with housework.

  3. Susan told me that our boss will get fired next week. – Oh well, you know Susan. She very often makes things up. I would take it with a ________.

  4. Oh my, our neighbour has gotten quite fat, don't you think? – What? No, she has ________.

  5. No, I'm not going to help. I'm sure you can handle. I have ________ anyway.

  6. What if I jumped off the roof? – Are you ________?

  7. I have just finished painting the bedroom walls. It was ________ really.

  8. My brother and I are like ________. We're so different. We're complete opposites.

  9. Watching comedies is not really ________. I prefer horror movies and thrillers.

  10. The lyrics of that song are incredibly ________. The tune is good though.

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