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Children of a Star

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Zajímavá úvaha o smyslu života.

Children of a Star

By Jesse S. Somer

A lot of people in our world tell stories. Stories can add insight into the meanings of our lives as well as being mediums for the transferal of wisdom and knowledge. A story that interests me is the story of us: the children of a star, a star we call the Sun. Oh sure there are many texts out there that explain who and what we are. Some are religious, others deemed to be scientific. I have always found most of these stories to be a little too complex when explaining the reality of our existence here in the Universe. What if the answers are actually too simple, shining right above us, and yet that is ironically the reason that we are blind to them? They are simply too obvious!

Let's start at the logical beginning: Big Bang, God's it as you see it my friends. I see a giant fireball burning in the darkness of space. Obviously the 'darkness' is where it came from. How it came to be, I don't really know, but I can say that it's really cool that it is there: Really cool. It's also pretty awesome to be forms of life energy that have come to be because of that fireball's radiant energy. We are literally made up of the essence of the 'Sun': children of a star. I don't see too many people today worshiping the Sun like the 'ancient' Aztecs, but why not? It makes our world come to life; it makes the skies of blue.

Like all living things, the end of the story is the same. We call the process: death. One day the Sun too will die, incredible to think, and it probably won't happen for another 5 billion years, but just the same it means our little Earth story will come to an end. I doubt very much that the story of the Universe will ever end, its infinite space and time power is a bit over my head, or is it? It could be really simple: a story that never ends, an energy that never is truly born or dies because it has simply always been.

There may be some strange form of consciousness out there that will remember us after we are gone, it is a great possibility, but nonetheless we will disappear, and with our departure our story will be complete. So in the meantime, let's discuss the middle of this Earth tale for a story has no substance without the journey in between the beginning and end. What is our story thus far? Where will our tale turn to next? What are we meant to do while we are here? What is the purpose of this journey? These are questions you've probably asked and heard spoken by others a multitude of times since you came to be.

The answers to these questions could be so simple that if put into words they would not be understood, and so I shall not attempt to articulate my opinion here. We have to experience the story for our selves. We have to simply be, and be aware of being. You the reader are the writer, editor and publisher of the most important story of all: the story of a child of the stars. We were given a huge gift in being here...could it be time to finally give back in reciprocation? The true pages of the story are the days of our lives. Have you been reading the words carefully, speed-reading, or skimming the text? Be careful, this isn't the type of book you can read twice!

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