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Cloze: Cats

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Do textu o kočkách doplňte deset chybějících slov.

Read the text and complete each gap with ONE WORD only.


Cats have been closely connected humansfor thousands years.Today cats are the second popular pet, with dogs being the first.If you are from your house for a longer period of time,either at or at school, a cat is the perfect pet for you.

Unlike other pets, cats do not need time,they only need to given food and a little attention.Cats can be great pets for anyone they are very adaptable and can live almost anywhereand would even live happily and comfortably a small apartment.Cats are very affectionate, playful and loyal to people of  ages.

adapted from an article written by Andrew McGregor

About the author:
Visit for more information on all aspects of caring for your pet.

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