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People's character vocabulary test

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Test znalosti slovíček popisujících lidské vlastnosti, charakter apod.

  1. He's very ________, he only cares about himself.

  2. I appreciate his ________. He always says what he really thinks.

  3. My daughter won the spelling bee competition, I'm so ________ of her.

  4. He's always asking these ________ questions. He always makes me so angry!

  5. His ________ is driving me crazy. He wants to know where I am every minute of the day and calls me all the time.

  6. People are so ________ these days. I think they only care about money.

  7. I wouldn't depend on him, if I were you. He's very ________.

  8. She wants to break up with him because he was ________ to her. She saw him making out with another girl.

  9. You need to be ________. You're not going to lose weight overnight.

  10. As a shop assistant, you have to be ________ to your customers, even if they are rude to you.

Tento test je součástí výukového programu EnglishMe, který nabízí 5 800 testových otázek a mnoho dalších výhod.

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People's character vocabulary test (verze B)

Test znalosti slovíček popisujících lidské vlastnosti, charakter apod.

People's character vocabulary

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