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Travelling and Tourism vocabulary test

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Test znalosti slovíček spojených s cestováním.

  1. We were in the departure ________ when we heard the announcement that our flight was cancelled.

  2. They were taking too much ________ with them on holiday.

  3. We hit St. Louis at midnight and didn't ________ our hotel until 1 AM.

  4. My friends got married and went on a honeymoon ________ to Hawaii.

  5. The hotel had no ________ so I had to drive 20 miles to find another one.

  6. According to his ________, he will land in Atlanta tomorrow at 10 AM.

  7. The journey took us longer than usual because of too much ________.

  8. On the first day we went on a sightseeing ________ of the island.

  9. The cathedral was ________ with tourists so we decided to leave it for later.

  10. In Ireland, it's worth ________ a few days in Dublin.

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Travelling vocabulary test (verze B)

Test znalosti slovíček spojených s cestováním.

Travelling and Tourism

Topic: words connected with travelling

Travel and Tourism vocabulary

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