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Test: GET (změna stavu)

INTERMEDIATE Vydáno dne 01.11.2008

Příběh o jedné nejmenované svatbě, na kterém si můžete otestovat, co jste se naučili v článku o slovese GET pro vyjádření ZMĚNY STAVU.

Pokud si však nejste jisti, můžete si nejprve přečíst článek.

Josh Susan on Friday. Josh is my best friend and I can say that I know him quite well, but I quite shocked when he told me he had proposed to Susan and they had . Don't get me wrong, I like Susan. It was just difficult to imagine Josh to anyone. The ceremony took place at a castle near Prague and since I only knew the location of the venue vaguely, it was not easy to find it and I on the way there not only once. Well, I in the end. The wedding was great, very romantic. The party afterwards was nice too, though not as romantic. The thing is that Josh and I had a little bit too much to drink and we even before midnight. First we only had a couple of beers but then we some tequilas followed by other shots too. It already when we had our twentieth shot. I and sleepy afterwards so I wanted to disappear. Then, however, I talking to the maid of honour, who was obviously not as as me. After another two hours it dark and I so tired that I myself and left. It might have been two in the morning when I asleep in the hotel room. The next morning, I a thing. I just quite dizzy. After a few hours, though, the details started coming back and I a little embarrassed. I know one thing for sure – I will never that wedding.

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Cvičení: GET (změna stavu)

Umíte správně používat sloveso GET pro vyjádření změny stavu?


Změna stavu (test A)

Otestujte si, jak dokážete správně používat slovesa vyjadřující změnu stavu (get, become, turn, fall, come, go, grow…)

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Jaká slovesa se používají pro vyjádření změny stavu v angličtině, časté kolokace apod.
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