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Question Time with Laura Doyle

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Exkluzivní rozhovor, který našim stránkám poskytla zpěvačka Laura Doyle, jejíž písničky se objevily v různých filmech a seriálech, jako např. Dawson's Creek

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Question Time with

Laura Doyle

Při čtení rozhovoru si k poslechu můžete pustit píseň LET YOU GO:

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Laura Doyle1. How would you describe yourself as a person in just a few words?

I am creative, spontaneous, and passionate.

2. Have you always wanted to be a singer? When did you first sing for an audience?

I remember singing songs like the folk song "This Land is your land" as young as 5 years old. I always felt a strong sense of beauty from singing. My mom put my sister and I in a song and dance troupe when we were about 5 or six and we would perform at places for the disabled or elderly. At 10 years old I had my first solo in the church choir.

3. What was the first music you listened to when you were a child? Do you remember what the first record you bought was?

I listened to a little purple transistor radio as a child and would wait for my favourite songs to come on. I loved the songs of the seventies like "One Tin Soldier", "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" and "If I Had A Hammer". They were folk songs with a message. As a teenager I would borrow my older brother's records like Supertramps "Breakfast in America".

4. Looking at your website, one can't not notice your interest in horses. Why horses?

Horses have a mythical connection with human beings. They represent spirit, beauty, freedom and power. I also get this amazing feeling of being connected to the whole universe around them.

5. In the songwriting process, where do you usually look for inspiration?

I tend to write from my emotions. Often when something happens in my life I write about it to understand it. I also find access to some wiser part of myself.

6. Your songs were used in films and TV shows, for example Dawson's Creek. How did you feel about it? Are you a fan of the show?

I hadn't ever seen an episode of Dawson's Creek until I had a song in it. It was a show for younger people but I liked watching the character of Joey. I have some music in movies that aren't all that good and missed the mark in some way but I appreciate the small moment where I get to see the magic of one of my songs express the emotions of someone else's scene.

7. Why do you think your music works so well on TV?

It's because I write about love relationships alot and those are the moments most TV shows are trying to enhance with music. I also think I make music that has a cinematic feel. I've worked with two different producers who are also film composers so the style tends to be more film friendly.

8. Our readers are familiar with the song LET YOU GO, for example. What is the song about? What inspired you?

I was trying to get over a relationship with someone. I was also perhaps drawing on the early confusion and pain of losing my father when I was six years old. I have a bit of a fascination with loss in my writing and I think music has helped me understand it more.

9. Are you currently working on any new songs or projects?

Yes, I am going in the studio this week to start recording again. I have about 6 new songs that are really strong that I am excited about recording.

10. This interview is mostly for Czech students of English. Is there anything you would like to tell them?

Thank you to all of you who have been enjoying my music. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have your own questions or comments on the music. I love hearing from people around the world and, who knows, it may help your English learning experience.

Laura, thank you for your time and for sharing your music with us. And good luck with your new record!

Laura Doyle on

Let You Go - píseň + cvičení na doplňování chybějících slov do textu, český překlad
Your Love - píseň + cvičení na doplňování chybějících slov do textu, český překlad

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Laura Doyle

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