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Animal idioms (2)

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Další idiomy obsahující jména zvířat. Víte například, co znamená spojení ‚piggy bank‘ nebo ‚monkey business‘?

Animal idioms (2)

IDIOMY jsou zažitá spojení, která v doslovném překladu nedávají většinou smysl, proto je jejich pochopení docela komplikované, ne-li nemožné. Více si o problematice idiomů přečtěte v článku zde.

My se dnes již podruhé zaměříme na idiomy, které obsahují zvířata. První díl najdete zde.

smell a rat

větřit podraz

Did you see the look in his eyes? I smell a rat. TTT
Stop! I'm sure I closed the door before going out. And now it's open. I smell a rat. TTT 

(straight) from the horse's mouth

z první ruky / z dobrého zdroje

I heard straight from the horse's mouth that our boss resigned this morning. TTT
We have a test tomorrow. – Where did you hear that? – It came straight from the horse's mouth. Our teacher told me. TTT 

bet on the wrong horse

vsadit na špatného koně

He's betting on the wrong horse if he thinks that by flattering the CEO's assistant he'll get a better job. TTT
I'm afraid you are betting on the wrong horse by putting all your money into their stocks. TTT 

take the bull by the horns

poprat se s problémem / postavit se k něčemu čelem

Why don't you take the bull by the horns and tell him to leave immediately? TTT
I took the bull by the horns and confronted him about his drinking. TTT 

bull in a china shop

slon v porcelánu

I was like a bull in a china shop as a child. I never knew how to talk to girls. TTT
Jessica is like a bull in a china shop sometimes. Don't let her near the glass vases. TTT 

hit the bull's eye

třefit se do černého

The producer hit the bull's eye with the film music too. TTT
He threw the spear and hit the bull's eye. TTT 

until the cows come home

až do aleluja

We can talk until the cows come home this weekend at my place. TTT
I can explain this to you until the cows come home but you're just never going to get it. TTT 

be in the doghouse

být v průšvihu

Steve came home late last night and his wife found a lipstick mark on his collar. He is definitely in the doghouse now. TTT
Sorry, I need to get going. I promised my wife that I would come before five and help her with the shopping. I want to stay out of the doghouse you know. TTT 



Their son never leaves home if it's not necessary. All he does is read, read and read. He is such a bookworm. TTT
She was wearing a very strange dress and bookworm glasses. TTT 

make a mountain out of a molehill

dělat z komára velblouda

Come on, it's not such a big deal. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. TTT
You're making a mountain out of a molehill now. If he can't pay you back this month, I'm sure he will do it next month. TTT 

monkey business

lumpárna, švindl, křivárna

Cut out the monkey business at once, Steve! TTT
Focus. There's no time for monkey business. TTT 

piggy bank

prasátko (pokladnička)

Well, you will have to break your piggy bank, Tommy, if you want that ball. TTT
You want to spend all the money now? Why don't you put it in your piggy bank? TTT 

cold turkey

absťák, vystřízlivění

Kevin wrapped himself in a blanket in front of the TV, soothing his cold turkey by watching his favourite shows. TTT
The house price collapse of the last few years has been a terrible dose of cold turkey for some real estate owners. TTT 

black sheep

černá ovce

Circumstances which made someone, perhaps fifty years ago, considered to be the black sheep of the family, aren't necessarily the same now. TTT
The term is used negatively, but the black sheep of the family may be an attractive person, someone with courage to be different. TTT 

the last straw (that breaks the camel's back)

poslední kapka (únosnosti)

And her disappearing for a week was the straw that broke the camel's back. He filed for divorce. TTT
When his daughter refused to go to bed past after midnight, he started shouting at her like a mad man. It was the last straw tat broke the camel's back. TTT 

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