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Halloween with the Mishaps

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Veselá komedie k poslechu, ve které na vás čekají blázniví Mishapovi a jejich halloweenská příhoda.

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The Mishaps – Happy Halloween

by Meg Jones, Ann Aikens and Dan Martens
Copyright © 2007 Marwood Media

ANNOUNCER: Check out what's happening this week with America's most dangerous – and spooky – family, The Mishaps!

JANE: Hank! You're finally home!

HANK: Sorry I'm late. My train derailed.

JANE: Third time this week!

HANK: Now where are my little ghosts and goblins?

JIMMY & JOEY: Happy Halloween, Daddy!

HANK: Great lumberjack costume, Joey!

JOEY: Like it?

HANK: You bet! But we'll be counting fingers before bedtime, buddy. And Jimmy – love the Devil costume, son!

JIMMY: Check out my blowtorch!

(SFX: blowtorch firing)

HANK: Wow, just like Hades! Now, listen up, guys. It's only the second time you two fellas are going out alone. What's our goal this year?

JIMMY & JOEY: (reciting in tired, rote voices) No stitches.

HANK: 'Atta boy, fellas! Now go out there and have some fun!

(SFX: clamorous, tumbling, giggling exit of the Twins down the porch steps. Chainsaw, blowtorch)

JANE: Hank, I'm going to follow them in this witch costume.

HANK: Good idea, Jane. We don't want another incident like last year's sliding glass door.

JANE: You know, I think we still owe Bob Greene a payment on that? Oh well! Now Hank, I left out those popcorn balls for the trick-or-treaters. You sure you got all the glass shards out of them?

HANK: Gee, I think so?. That fishbowl sure was slippery!

JANE: OK then–let's see if this motorized broomstick I rigged up is going to work?

(SFX: pull start motor)

HANK: Hey, whadya know? It does! Way to go, Jane!

JANE: Thanks, honey! And can you believe it? I only cut six of my fingers while making it. Well, here goes nothing!

(SFX: motor buzzing off) Oops! Hank? I knocked over the jack-o-lantern during take-off!

HANK: Don't worry about it, honey – I'll get the fire extinguisher. You fly on ahead and keep an eye on the twins!

JANE: OK, honey! Bye!

(SFX: buzzing of motor off into the night, carhorn and crash) I'm OK!

(motor fades out)

HANK: Hey there, Susie! Are you taking The Baby to the school Halloween party?

SUSIE: Couldn't do it without her, Dad. Look, I'm the Statue of Liberty!

HANK: And The Baby makes a great torch. Is that the top of a tiki torch tied on her head?

SUSIE: Sure is! Just watch!

(SFX: lighter, followed by whoosh of ignition. Baby laughs)

HANK: (laughing) Wow! But you better not light her up 'til you get her there, pumpkin.

SUSIE: Good idea, Dad. Bye!

(SFX: burning timbers)

HANK: Have fun! (to himself) And speaking of pumpkin where did I last use that fire extinguisher? Oh yeah–last week's car fire in the garage. Here it is! Need you again, Little Sparky.

(SFX: fire extinguisher, burning stops) Boy, that was a close one. Almost lost the whole porch that time. Whoa, heads up!

(SFX: timbers crashing)

(SFX: Kids screaming in background, buzzing of motor)

KIDS: Aaaaaaaa! Wicked Witch overhead! Help! Run!

ANNOUNCER: That's the Mishaps, this Thursday night at eight on Horton Cable Channel 77. Your 12-gauge cable company!

(SFX: shotgun blasts)

(SFX: motor fading away in the distance)

JANE: (faintly in the distance) I'm OK!


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The Mishaps - Happy Halloween

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