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Cloze: Gossip Girl

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Do textu o televizním seriálu GOSSIP GIRL doplníte chybějící slova.

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Gossip Girl

Nostalgic for those traumatic high school years when the cool kids ruled the school, nerds could expect to see the inside of a locker with some regularity, and the head of the basketball team only be seen with the captain of the cheerleaders on his arm?Apparently, many Americans in the 20– and 30– something demographic, the answer is yes.And now, with the addition of endless supplies of money free time,combined with hands-off parents, hit teen soapGossip Girl struck a chord with adolescents and adults alike.The New York backdrop of the popular drama adds a sufficiently high-stakes element your old high school probably did not have.The hallways of your mater,be in a small town nestled somewhere in the Midwest, or a sleepy beach community in Virginia, look tame in comparison,no how many timesthe math club members their lunch money stolenor the girls up excuses to get out of gym class.On Gossip Girl, daily drama could consist of anything hazing a new teacher to having a socialite friend extort hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments from school parents. Serena, Blair, Vanessa, Chuck, Dan, and Nate all consider this a part of a normal (albeit eventful!) day's work. New couplings, skeletons in the ,and unlikely intrigues surface weekly in the lives of our favorite television cast. For most 16-year olds, arriving school in stylemeans a daily carpool in a friend's Jeep; for the Gossip Girls and company, anything than a limo with a private chauffeur would mean an instant social demise.

Adapted from an article by Joseph Hildebrandt

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