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Test: Conditional clauses

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Test zaměřený na podmínkové věty

  1. Everything will be sent to you by email provided you ________ your email address. Please write it in the box below.

  2. If you ________ your umbrella, you wouldn't be soaking wet!

  3. It's not like the curriculum is too difficult. The students are just lazy, if you ________ me.

  4. If you ________ one pill, take it as soon as possible.

  5. I'm not very popular with girls and I never talk to them unless they ________ me first.

  6. We've lost a few games but won't give up as ________ as there's hope. We can still win the tournament.

  7. ‘I want you girls to know that if it ________ for this man here, I’d be standing here dead.' (Dirty Dancing)

  8. Was it wise to lend Stanley so much money? – Don't worry. If I didn't know him so well, I ________ it to him.

  9. If you had taken my advice and seen the doctor, you ________ much better now.

  10. They treated her as if she could have prevented it ________ more careful.

  11. I'll do anything if it ________ you mine. Just name it.

  12. Don't talk to me as if I ________ a child. I'm 35 for God's sake!

  13. I have no idea if the tickets ________ available on the day of the concert. I'd buy them online now if I were you.

  14. Have you ever worked abroad, and if ________, where?

  15. If I ________ English, I would have been over the moon with England's victory last week.

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Vyzkoušejte si svou znalost podmínkových vět. Dnes nabízíme test pro pokročilé.


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Vyzkoušejte si svou znalost podmínkových vět. Dnes jde o první a druhý kondicionál.


Conditional chains

Jednoduché cvičení, pomocí kterého se Vám brzy anglické podmínkové věty vryjí pod kůži.
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