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Question Time with Jaylene Johnson

INTERMEDIATE Vydáno dne 22.10.2008

Další rozhovor, který exkluzivně pro naše stránky poskytla kanadská zpěvačka a autorka písní Jaylene Johnson.

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Question Time with Jaylene Johnson

Při čtení rozhovoru si k poslechu můžete pustit píseň BUTTERFLY GIRL:

Nahrávku můžete spustit zde:

Jaylene Johnson1. Could you in several words describe what kind of person you are?

I am a walking paradox. A worker who likes to sleep, a creator who likes boundaries, and a caring heart who can sometimes keep people at a distance. I'm open, and open-minded, and I try to learn from every experience and to continually grow as a person.

2. Have you always wanted to be a musician? When did you discover your talent?

My mother heard me picking out "Frere Jacques" on a toy piano when I was just a toddler. My parents put me in music lessons when I was in kindergarten. Somehow music was less of a choice and more just a part of who I was. I loved words, and I loved melodies...Both of these things are essential in songwriting.

3. What was the first music you listened to as a child? Do you remember the first CD you had?

I listened to a lot of Gospel music. The first recording I owned was the soundtrack for the Broadway musical "Annie"! I was ten years old and I drove my sister crazy singing all of the songs.

4. Which one of your songs do you like best and why is it your favorite?

I think I like "Only Have My Love" best. I love what it expresses, and how the chords and melody sound. But I've written many songs since then that I love. Usually each new song becomes my favorite for a while.

5. What do you consider to be your greatest success as a musician/songwriter?

My greatest success is that I am still pursuing music despite many discouragements and an uncertain future! There is no financial stability, and it is a difficult road. But I travel it because there's nothing I'd like to do more, and I don't want to quit.

6. Your song BUTTERFLY GIRL was used in the finale of Season 6 of the TV series Dawson's Creek. How did you feel about the fact that the producers chose your song and what do you think of the whole show?

I was really honored that they would use the song. It's one that has meant a lot to me and to other people. I was a big fan of the show, and having a song used was surreal and very, very exciting!

7. Could you give us a little background to the song BUTTERFLY GIRL? What inspired you, who it was really written for...

The song "Butterfly Girl" was a call to "get over myself" and to stop allowing insecurities, particularly ones regarding physical appearance to be so preoccupying that they colored my whole life. Women and girls are under so much pressure, especially in North America, to align with a commercial paradigm of beauty, and it takes so much energy from all of the good and beautiful things that they could be offering the world. We are beautiful simply because we exist, I believe as God's creation.

After writing the song, I found out that if a butterfly is helped out of its cocoon, it will be unable to fly. What an amazing analogy for life! Our struggles make us who we are, and strengthen and prepare us to handle challenges and to help other people. Even if a struggle only serves to give us empathy for the struggles of others, that is a good thing.

8. Are you currently working on new songs and new projects?

I have just finished recording songs that I would like to put out for sale somehow, but I'm not sure if I'll go the traditional route of manufacturing CDs. It's costly, and too many people won't pay for them anymore! I'm also traveling a lot to co-write with other writers, artists and producers.

9. What do you do when you're not writing/recording/performing music?

I love spending time with my nephew and niece, my family and my husband. I also try to stay connected with my community by getting together with friends and attending a local church on Sunday evenings. I like shows like "Heroes", "Smallville" and "Battlestar Gallactica", and like going to the movie theatre when I can. I play "Scrabble" online with friends (which makes me sounds like such a nerd!) I'm also interested in alternative medicine, and see an herbalist and chiropractor regularly.

10. Is there any message that you would like to send to our readers, Czech students of English?

I want to say congratulations for pursuing the study of another language. It is not an easy endeavor, but it is a worthwhile one. I speak English and French and understand a very small bit of Spanish. I wish I knew more and if I had the time, I would love to learn to speak more languages.

Thank you for sharing with us and thanks for your beautiful songs that you allowed to be used on

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Butterfly Girl - píseň + cvičení na doplňování chybějících slov do textu, český překlad
Angels - píseň + cvičení na doplňování chybějících slov do textu, český překlad
Only Have My Love - píseň + cvičení na doplňování chybějících slov do textu, český překlad

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