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Quiz: Linda Hroníková 2

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Příspěvek do soutěže ‚Create Your Own Grammar Quiz‘.

Tyto testy byly vytvořeny studenty angličiny pro soutěž 'Create Your Own Grammar Quiz', nezaručujeme jejich jazykovou ani obsahovou správnost.

  1. Can you tell me some animals living in salt water? – Yes, I can. They are, for instance, ________ dolphin, ________ shark, ________ yellyfish and ________ starfish.

  2. ________ young boy was walking along the street.

  3. ________ wasps and ________ bees don´t bite you, but they can sting you.

  4. ________ Saint Wenceslav is our main land patron. He was ________ Prince of Bohemian lands in the 10th century.

  5. Don´t rush things, Max. You need ________ patience to improve your Italian pronunciation.

  6. You had ________ delicious dinner with my cousin Monica yesterday, didn´t you?

  7. Welcome to our hotel, Sir.You will live in ________ Room 16.

  8. Do you think he knows what I mean? – No, I don´t. He has seemed to be in ________ dark.

  9. Why haven´t you passed your test? You are excellent at geography, aren´t you? – Mm, I had a bad day the day before yesterday. I wasn´t able to remember ________ capital of Guatemala.

  10. I don´t listen to ________ radio daily because I haven´t ________ radio neither at home nor at work.

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